Your firm has received an order from a new customer who does not say how he proposes to pay for the goods. Write a suitable reply.


56 Kayside Close

RD14 7NX

1May 20__

Mr Fairchild

54 Kayside Close

RD14 7NX

Dear Mr Fairchild

In my previous correspondence to you I requested repairs to be completed to 56 Kayside Close. The following items remain outstanding:

*There are several loose tiles on the roof.

*The kitchen tap is leaking.

*The sealant round the bath needs replacing.

I have been waiting for a considerable amount of time to have these repairs completed. I would ask you to take care of this matter within one week of receipt of this letter. I remind you that by law, a landlord is responsible for providing and maintaining residence in a good state of repair, and for complying with housing and maintenance standards.

Please contact me immediately so that we may resolve this problem.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Chalmers

December 4, 20__

Frederick Morgan

123 Canada Street

Dear Mr. Morgan,

On December 1, 2009, I bought a personal computer at your Springfield branch.

I am really disappointed because your merchandise has not performed as it should. Its monitor is not working properly and it is now blurred. I don’t know what seems to be the problem.

To resolve the said problem I would appreciate if you let your staff visit the computer. Enfold with this letter is the copies of receipt.

I am looking forward from hearing from you and from solving this problem. I will wait until December 15, 2009 before asking for the help from the relevant authorities that can be found in the complaints procedure. Please call me back as soon as you received this letter to let me know how you are doing to deal with the matter.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Price

31 October 20__

L Smart & Co. Contactors

17 Travellyan Road


Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the service I received from one of your builders recently. Before accepting your estimate for the job, I was assured that the work would be completed by 10 October. Three weeks later, the work is still incomplete and defective. The new door that was fitted is not flush with the frame, and the lock is consequently very stiff. If the work is not completed and the defect rectified within 14 days, I’ll consider our contract to be at an end.

Yours faithfully

Douglas Fairburn


1. Translate into Russian:

1. Our company has been using your delivery service for a number of years now, and until this May, we have never had cause for complaint.

2. As you know we work to tight deadlines and cannot afford this kind of disruption. Please investigate this matter and let me know what action you propose to take.

3. We regret to inform you that you have supplied goods below the standard we expected from the samples.

4. The packing inside the case was too loose with the result that there was some shifting of the contents and several things have been broken; the attached list will give you all the details.

5. A number of cases arrived in a badly damaged conditions, the lids were broken and the contents were crushed.

6. As the delay in delivery has lasted over six weeks, in accordance with clause 4 of the Contract you will have to pay us damage.

7. Your representatives arrived at the plant after a big delay as a result of which the generator was put into operation only two months after its breakdown.

8. Moreover we are surprised at your refusal to compensate us fully for the losses caused by the idle time of the generator.

9. Under our contract the Customer has right to make a claim if the equipment fails due to the above reason.

10. We regret that we have to complain about the way in which the consignment just received has been packed.

11. We would appreciate in if you would arrange for the replacement of the damaged items and advise us how you wish to handle the return of the broken merchandise.

12. We are returning these items today, and request immediate replacement of the damaged goods.

2. Put the parts of the letter in the correct order. Translate into Russian:

1. Earlier, when there was a breakdown, your service agents used to send an engineer at 48 hours’ notice.

2. We have even recommended Fox machines to other companies.

3. We have already spoken to your service agents about this, but there has been no change so far.

4. As you know, we have bought several machines from your company and been quite satisfied with their performance.

5. Yours sincerely,

6. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can promise an immediate improvement in your after-sales service.

7. Recently, however, the standard of your after-sales service has got much worse.

8. Now the situation has changed and the engineer promises to come «in about 10 days» and is unable to tell us exactly when he will be arriving.

9. Let me say that we are not satisfied with this state of affairs.

10. Dear Mr Reynard,

3. Read the apology-letter and guess what was said in the complaint:


24 Besen Parkway, Monsey, NY 10952

The Store

36 Deborah Lane

Spring Valley, NY 10977

May 15, 20__

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your letter of 17th September. We are pleased to hear that the goods ordered arrived in good condition, but we must apologize for their delayed arrival.

We have looked into the matter and have found that the delay is due to a minor fault in one of our routines, which has now been rectified. We can assure you that future orders from you will be dealt with promptly, and that consignments will reach you by the dates stipulated.

Once again, please accept our apologies.

Yours faithfully,

M. Erickson

4. Write complaints:

1. You have received a telephone bill from the telephone office for long-distance calls you didn’t make. Ask them to check the bill and make corrections.

2. You have bought a washing machine. A serviceman was to have installed it two days ago. Request immediate actions.


588 Maple Wood Street

Fairfield, PA 37626

November 29, 20__

Mr. Joseph Bicman

358 Noncook Road

John's Town, PA 57323

Dear Mr. Bicman:

I apologize for the mix-up of order N: 26429782. We have just implemented a new packaging system that still has a few bugs that still needs to be worked out, but we did fix your order and sent it out this morning. For your trouble, we have enclosed a $25 gift certificate which can be used at any of our stores. Once again I would like to apologize for the mix-up in your order and any inconveniences this may have caused you.

Sincerely yours,

Scott Mahoney

August 12, 20__

Ms. Barbara Norman

Berringer & Sons

456 Smith Street Skokie

IL 60076

Dear Ms. Norman:

I am very sorry to learn of the problem you have had with our salesman, Vic Torian. All our salespeople attend a one-week training program because we expect them to be honest with and courteous to all our customers. Please accept my apology. We have taken corrective action regarding Mr. Torian, and you can be assured that he will not call on you again.

Ms. Norman, your business is important to us, and we are anxious to continue the long-standing relationship we have enjoyed for many years. I will call you personally next week to see how we may continue to offer you the fine service you have received over the last several years.


William Marblehead