You’ll be given two situations to present. Choose one of them and try to analyze subject, audience, and purpose.

Situation 1

You have been selected to take part in a six - month faculty exchange program with New York University in the USA. The Department Head in your field of studies at NYU, Dr.Wilson, has asked you to prepare and give a five - minute presentation the day after you arrive in NY.

Dr. Wilson would like you to introduce yourself, describe your research interests, what you hope to learn, and what you hope to contribute to the NYC community. In addition to Dr. Wilson, 12 faculty members of the department will be attendance. Also attending will be representatives from Human Resources, the Office of International Affairs, the Public Relations Department and the student newspaper.

Situation 2

Your university has hired 20 Visiting Faculty members for the upcoming year. The University Rector has asked you to conduct a special orientation presentation for the group to acquaint them with life in Astana.

The visiting professors represent several different academic disciplines and are from France, Europe, the United States, and Asia. They range from 27 to 65. Nine of them are women. Half of the group are married and will send for their spouses and children as soon as they have settled in. Only a few speak enough Kazakh or Russian to communicate effectively, but they are all fluent English speakers.

The rector considers it very important that the visiting faculty adjust quickly and smoothly to life in Kazakhstan. Naturally, he wishes them to begin their stay with a favorable impression. He, along with several Department Heads, will attend the presentation.

Prepare a five minute talk to give to the international visitors.

Task 2

Prepare a five minute presentation on any topic you wish to speak. Choose a topic that you are enthusiastic and you are familiar with and you think you will entertain or educate your audience. Before you prepare your presentation give this information your classmates so they can better evaluate your talk.

(Ss fill in the following information and prepare for their small presentations)

Student Name

Outline and organization: Strategy and Techniques

I. Introduction

II. Body

III. Conclusion

Presentation Skills: Language Worksheet

Introduction – Starting:

Good morning (Good evening, Good afternoon)

My name is ________________. I’m ___________________.

This morning (This afternoon, This evening, Tonight, Today) …..

I’d like to explain ….

I’d like to begin by discussing ….

I’m going to talk about ….

My point is …

I will look at this from three points of view: first, …; next, ….; and finally, …

In the first part of my presentation, I’ll describe….

After that I will explain….

Finally, I’ll show you ….

Body – Explaining points/ Using connecting words

First, I’d like to talk about …

Now, I’d like to move on to …

Next, let me describe…

The next point I’ll discuss is …

This means …

This is supported by …

According to ….

Finally, let me explain….

For example, …. For instance, ….

First, … second, … third, … last, …

Another, … In addition, … Moreover, .. Nevertheless,… but … yet…

Since …. Because…

Therefore, … Thus, …. Because of … Due to …So, …

Similar to … Similarly, … like… the same as … equal to … in comparison, …compared to …

In contrast, … different from … differs from…

Conlusion – Ending:

In conclusion (In summary(, I’ve talked about (discussed) ….

To conclude (To summarize), I’ve explained (shown) …

My main point was … My (three) main points were …

In my opinion, … Therefore (So), I feel (believe, think, recommend, suggest)…

Thank you for your attention.

Effective openings

Communication experts are agreed that the first three minutes of a presentation are the most important. They talk about ‘hooks’ – simple techniques for getting the immediate attention of the audience. A good start makes you feel more confident.

Task 3 Ss will be given some topics to try to start their presentations.

1. Kazakhstan education system should be improved.

2. EXPO benefits for Kazakhstan.

3. Great scholars of 20 th century.

Here’s how the experts suggest you ‘hook’ your audience:

1. Give them a problem to think about.

2. Give them some amazing facts.

3. Give them a story or personal anecdote.

Task 4

Look at the presentation openings below and divide them under three headings:

Problems Amazing Facts Stories

1. Did you know that Japanese companies spend four times more on entertaining clients in a year than the entire GDP of Bulgaria? 40 billion dollars, to be precise. You know, that’s twice Colombia’s total foreign debt. You could buy General Motors for the same money.

2. Suppose your advertising budget was cut by 99 % tomorrow. How would you go about promoting your product?

3. According to the latest study, by 2050 only one in every four people in Western Europe will be going to work. And two will be old age pensions.

The following frames will help you prepare effective openings, using the problem, facts, or story technique. You should always know exactly how you are going to start.

Problem Technique

· Suppose ……… How would you ……

· Have you ever wondered why it is that …….. ?

· How many people here this morning/afternoon/ evening ….. well, imagine … Do you think that’s possible?

Amazing facts technique

· Did you know that…

· According to the latest study, …

· Statistics show that…..

· I read somewhere the other day that ….

Story / Anecdote Technique

· You know, ……. When I think about ……I’m reminded of ….

· Have you ever been in the situation where … I remember …. It turned out …

Task 5